I hope I find someone who is willing to help us.

I bought a new fishing rod.

She might have been beautiful when she was young.

Anna is an American citizen.

The notebook is in the briefcase.

Snow prevented the transport in high places of the country.

Narrations can be analysed in terms of the way they structure their sequence of events.

We have to get back to work.

Hans often hums a tune as she works in the kitchen.

We are poor because we are honest.

Sometimes violence is useful.


I need to help her.

He saved a hundred dollars.

They consider him unfit for the job.

We hope for better weather.

There are many big cities in this country.

Courtney is depressed and lonely.

You can come if you want to.

Can you quote me a price for the house?

The new telescope was shipped in a huge wooden box.


I'm very well, thank you.

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Benson may not have time either.

Here I come.

Maybe I passed out.


Whatever others think of me, I don't mind at all.

I am close to the bridge.

Open the window and let in some fresh air.

It is her photo.

People say he never dies.

I mean, when I watch T. V. I'd sit in it.

I haven't been feeling like myself since last month.

We met each other again completely by accident.

Aren't you thirsty?

That's just not acceptable.

Adana is famous for its kebab and Hatay for its kanafeh.


Only immediate family members attended Magnus and Len's wedding.

I'd like to stay here with Brendan.

Oh please, you chickened out at every opportunity. Not only that, but did you ever think about the consequences of you being oblivious to her, what that must have done to her self-esteem?


Is there going to be trouble?

She tried hard to imitate Mariah Carey but failed.

Charles retired on October 20, 2013.

I do not tolerate insubordination.

Can you give us until the end of the week?

This guy is a crook.

I will advise you on the matter.

That flower has a powerful smell.

We don't trust you.

You can't prevent him from drinking.

So valuable were books that the greatest care was taken of them.

This should come in very handy.

I'm the one who made Shari quit smoking.


The note was from them.

Europe has more culture!

You shouldn't drive.


It is indeed strange, but that's the way it is.

I talked to Leith.

We are trying to clarify your future procurement requirements.

What else was in the box?

I read this in Cosmo.

They look like us.

My tooth hurts badly.

Don't rely on what he says.

It can't be as bad as all that.

Knudsen spoke with tears in his voice.

The largest recipient of Japan's ODA that year was China.

With winter coming on, it's time to buy warm clothes.

I look forward to my birthday.

We talked with the owner of the house.

I tried to keep my teacher at a distance.

You never have any money.

Honzo didn't ask for our opinions.


He went to Italy for the purpose of studying music.


Elric told us what to do.

Are you the new assistant?

I knew about that a week ago.

Did you read the whole article?

Margaret buttoned up his shirt and then put on his tie.


It's my view that guns should be banned.


I'm going to my room.

It is against my principles to tell a lie.

I asked Earl how much time he thought it would take.

Don't lend money to someone who can't have a morning erection.

Let's not keep him waiting.


I had to act quickly.

I'm right over here, Stephen.

My son will come from school in an hour.

It was a delightful evening.

I've got to catch some Z's.

Free parking will be available.

I just needed some fresh air.

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Miracles are ordinary.

It relates to a superior body.

I spend my time looking out of the window when I should be working.

I refuse to dignify that with a response.

It's possible that she won't come.

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No matter how flat you make a pancake, it always has two sides.

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She is shy of strangers.


Way to go.

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The French get rewards from the British film industry only when they shut up.

Why didn't you run?

Saqib likes chocolate.

Kemal came home yesterday.

I've got a message for you.

What do you want me to tell Marnix?

Marguerite began laughing.


I'm not scared.

What children! You send them to get candy and they return with a dog!

I just feel like relaxing.

Somebody has ransacked my room.

How much do you know?

I am thrilled to be here.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?


This material is cheaper.

Men must not dress in black and white clothes because it is said that this brings bad luck.

Our train left at two, arriving there at seven.

Stanly walked into the cell.

Help me take this down.

I think you've been listening to some very bad advice.

She doesn't speak, she screams!


Olson arrived at the party after Del did.

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Because I was in a hurry, I had to take a taxi.


How many kidneys does a human have?

Let's not talk about my problems.

What is the total price with all taxes included?


Irving isn't afraid of snakes.

I'll keep this cake for myself.

The verdict is a tribute to their fairness.

I wish I had some help.

I think it's a lot better in Boston.

It's looking like a treadmill kind of day.

Part is as determined as ever.

I can't ask them for that.

The boy was always reckless of danger.

Spyros made himself as comfortable as possible.

When did he get back?

I don't want to scare them.

I didn't have a phone.

It would be a shame for a young man to be at loose ends just because he can't get the kind of job he wants.

Whose bag is this?

He arrived in time for the meeting.

The boy was permitted to go with them.

Does Timothy like Sridharan?

Got that?

I am planning to take my relationship with you to the next level.

It looked so delicious.

Cricket is a game that takes skill.

Jump down.

As Victor Hugo said, "there is nothing in the world more powerful than an idea whose time has arrived."

What did you feed the dog?

Theodore helped Shamim set the table.

Tobias went with Knut to Boston.

I'll go with you.

We pay the kid next door to mow our lawn.

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Very well, we'll make allowance in your case.

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You can talk to me, you know?

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I could tell at a glance that something was wrong.

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I rest my case.


Just don't worry.

He made reference to the previous director.

I am too ashamed to do it.


It's my job to protect her.


Jerome and Vivek are upstairs sleeping.


I'm adaptable.


We were supposed to go on a road trip to the grand canyon.


The artist who illustrated this book is very good.